- Our # body of work -

data, enteprise edited

We give your data a face, which your business recognize and exploit it. We search for the data you need and create striking new dimensions. If needed, we know how to communicate it in the right way to your users and customers.

Web Crawling

  • Crawler Architecture
  • Classification models
  • Policies development
  • Modular structures

Data Mining

  • Business Understanding
  • Data Understanding
  • Modelling
  • Machine learning

User Experience

  • User Modelling
  • User Testing
  • Conceptual Validation
  • Heuristic Analysis

Interface Design

  • User Analysis
  • Information design
  • Usability testing
  • Graphic Interface
Working on a creative search engine, which support people in their orientation in the vast filed of the medicine, collecting and protecting their personal information on fly, supporting the physicians in their everyday work, making bridges between them and their patients. Help the people, assists the doctors.

see in action alpha version

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Designing the most advanced system for people health monitoring, enhancing the collaboration between patients and physicians, providing platform for app development and creating one of the most complete big data in medicine. Made for prevention in service to the health.

see in action alpha version

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Implementing an ecosphere, which is both useful and value adding for general practitioners. Through the platform suppliers provide packages and discounts to the GPs and companies, organizing clinical trials, could attract the participation of the GPs. The GPs have a set of instruments in order to speed up and make more accurate their job. We do not forget that after a hard day there should be some relaxing.

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A complete solution for recording of pre, intra and post surgery processes with the ability to estimate the risk for pre and post operative risk and surgery complications, provide solution for check list process during operations, assesment of hospital readmission, track patient after hospitalization and OPs managment and staff performance.

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HS BOX is an innovative system for comprehensive control, monitoring, organization and workflow optimization in industrial environments. A network of separate autonomous sensor modules that provide control of work environment factors, access to the work area, as well as video, sound and other parameters in the monitored system zone. It includes specially integrated software modules for evaluating the performance of each team member a specific work area, workshop or jobsite. The data collected allow comparison of results under identical technological operations carried out by different teams, statistical evaluation of results, optimize the workload of equipment and workers.

Currently the know-how is negotiated for transfer under condition to ESPEREKS ltd. Bulgaria. View brochure in BG

informatics meets medicine

Our enterprise is to push forward the limits of the medicine through its coupling with the information technologies, accentuating on prevention. A mutual relation based onthe uttermost principle of the medicine “first, do not harm”. Some folks say "Don't be evil", but angels could harm, too.


We look beyond the established approaches and traditions, striving for advanced and approachable solutions.


We do not compromise with our standards such as privacy, accuracy, simplicity, social responsibility and sensitivity.


We do partnership with university, companies and hospitals under cluster initiatives and common projects.


We work to create a long lasting company, which products make social sense and help people enjoy worthy and healthy life.

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Dean Stoev


Hristo Vasilev


Ivo Zhivkov


Petar Vereev


Peter Popoff


Lacho Syarov



[email protected] +359 889 962 871 Sofia, Bulgaria 1606 Gen. Ed. Totleben 39 Skype: goomed_search

The medicine cluster in Europe

4 medicine schools 102 hospitals 5 000 physicians 2 Mln. people

The informatic bounty of Europe

#3rd in internet speed in the wrold #highest value for money developers #extreamly price competetive #2nd in the world in Mensa IQ test and SAT scores
#10th in the world and 3rdin Europe in terms of ICT specialists per capita #4th in the ever ranking of IOS by won medals

dare an adventure in informatics

Enjoying advanced programming, flexible working time, time for self-improvement, creating with outstanding team-mates, taking responsibility and your ideas being valued?
Most probably you are ready to join us.

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JAVA Developer

  • Analytical Skills
  • Data Processing Knowledge
  • Solr/Elastic search
  • User Interfaces

Python Developer

  • Expirience with APIs
  • Problem Solving
  • Text processing
  • NoSQL Interest

Data Mining

  • Analytical Skills
  • Problem Solving
  • Knowledge in Statistic
  • Weka Experience

Internship Pro

  • Experimental thinking
  • Knowledge in Programming
  • Mathematical skills
  • Dedication

investing, making a difference

We are a company dedicated to steady innovation in field of IT and medicine, creating socially valuable solutions. Innovation to us means to surprise our customers that it’s done, our competitors that it could be done, and ourselves that we did it. Take the chance to do it with us.

Bussines Angels

  • Consultant/Advisor
  • At least few days in month
  • Commitment 25-50K€
  • Clear customer base

Venture capital

  • Product development
  • Investment amount (FR) ca. 100K€
  • Expected returns 4-5x
  • Clear 3-4 years exit strategy

Goomed Resources

  • 200K€ Government non-binding grants
  • 100K€ Own financing
  • Expected 1M€ new government grants
  • Large network of advisors